This is where i tell you about some current stuff “blog blog blog” you know the drill These are some more recent projects and news that people have reported about me, and no rumours i promise
Television Series  Title: “Hannibal”
 Short Film  Title: “Portrait of Ryan”
 Movie Title: “He Never Died”
  Spotlight “2013 Marty Award Winner”
         Best Supporting Actor “Hollywood Young Artists awards”
 Mississauga News Title: Spirit of the City”
Television Series YTV Title: Life With Boys”
 Won 3 Hollywood Young Artists Awards and 5 Nominations
Television Series Family Channel Title: “Debra”
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Movie “Jesus Henry Christ”  (Archive) Austin MacDonald plays “Brian the bully”
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Movie “Kit Kitredge American Girl” (Archive) Austin MacDonald plays “Roger the Bully”
34TH Hollywood Young Artists Awards Interview with Austin Macdoanld
VIP Access Hollywood Young Artists Awards Interview with Torri Webster,Madison Pettis,Austin MacDonald “Life With Boys”
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vOICE Starting in commercials Austin MacDonald began acting at the age of eight. An ambitious young actor, he wasted no time making the jump into the television and film industry and was cast as Auzzie in Family Channels series DEBRA!   Austin also plays Andy in "Life with Boys" on YTV/Nick. Austin has also had principal roles on the television shows Living in Your Car, Doddlebops and has appeared in The Ron James Show, The Rick Mercer Report, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Mudpit and most recently Guest starred in an episode of Hannibal on NBC.  He also recently worked on the new and upcoming movie “He never Died starring Henry Rollins due out 2014  Austin's other feature credits include Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and Jesus Henry Christ. Most recently Austin has had the chance to challenge himself as the lead, a very dark role in the short Portrait of Ryan.   Austin has also been humbled to have been nominated 11 times and won 3 "Young Artists awards" and had 5 nominations and 1 win for Mississauga arts Council "MARTY"(Emerging artists of the year award)   In addition to acting, Austin is interested in current events and environmental issues and has begun devoting time to organizations that give back to the community.   Austin is very involved with anti-bullying programs and an initiative called "Blessings in a Backpack" which is dedicated to ensuring less fortunate children have enough to eat and are able to perform to the best of their ability with the benefit of proper nutrition Latest news updates Auzzy
MENU MENU MENU MENU MENU Sept 2015  Summer is almost over! Austin had a wonderful trip to Austria & Italy in May with his Opa (grandfather) & got to meet his family. There are photos posted on his Facebook page. It was great meeting all his Aunts, uncles & cousins on moms side of the family. Got to see where his Opa grew up & he still has have family there. End of July he went to a family event in Capreol Ontario with his father. It is just outside Sudbury Ontario. He got to see & hang out with his dads side of the family. Austin has been auditioning & working at his PT job at Interstate Batteries in Mississauga for most of the summer, he was employee of the month in July! In September he will be starting at Sheridan College Trafalgar campus. He is really excited to be starting a new adventure but will still be in the entertainment industry. He has also been given a few T-shirts from King 1attire in New York to wear. Check out their sight great stuff. He & his dad also won “best modified import” at the Mississauga Celebration Square car show in July.  You can see photos on instagram account@macdaddyphotos & Face book page for all these events.  Austin had a small role on a miniseries called “Marilyn” that aired on the Lifetime Network in June. Natures Path Granola spot in Canada & the US is still airing. A movie I did a few days on called “He Never Died”, starring Henry Rollins and is now in talks to become a TV series) & its been doing really well on the film festival circuit! “Portrait of Ryan” a short I did is still doing the film festivals as well. He had fun doing some looping on the TV Series Between on Netflix and City TV. Austin is also helping out a few friends on their indie projects as well, so keep ears open for those as well. TIFF is coming up soon but I am not sure how involved Austin will be this year as it is during the start of his first year of College. Hopefully he will get out to a few films & events. Austin is still working with Lewis Baumander for coaching at Lewis Baumander Acting Studios & some voice coaching with John Stocker. Voice demo reel can be heard on the Voice Bank under my voice agent “Pitch Perfect Talent”. His acting demo reel is on this site as well as IMDB. As always you can check my official Facebook, Twitter and IMDB pages by clicking on the links on the menu bar, as my admin and I keep it up to date daily and my IMDB page  can give you updates on when the shows are starting & what projects I am up to. My twitter@auzzymac, but my ADMIN posts more on her instagram@macdaddyphotos & her (Helen) twitter@macdaddyphotos . She posts every day & keeps on top of stuff. So follow her & get more info! lol Thanks for all the emails, letters, tweets and messages, I read them all & appreciate your support!   Lastly a big shout out & thank you to my agent Sandra Gillis from Premier Artists Management Inc. You are awesome!